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 AllOnBiz is a county-oriented interactive app that gives retailers, service providers, and restaurants the tools to communicate to users in their hometown and surrounding area.

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Giving small business a big time advantage!

Geo Fencing

Customers are instantly notified of specials and coupons with a direct notification when they pass by your business.

AOB App-Blast

Have a special promotion you want thousands of local residents to know about?  Send out an APP-Blast and boost your reach.

Business Dashboard

Change your coupon monthly or auto-renew your current offer.  Be creative while maintaining absolute control.

What’s in it for your customers?

The AllOnbiz App was designed with technology that will interact with your environment. By using the latest in “Geo-fencing” we have developed an app that has  a coupon locator that is far from the ordinary. We believe you have better things to do then to be encumbered with the task of searching, clipping, printing or remembering the details of a coupon. The app will do the work for you: Imagine if you and your friend were going out to lunch and right when you passed by a restaurant your phone alerted you to the “Buy-One-Get-One FREE special”   It’s that simple! Who doesn’t love a good deal?


Business Sign Up Specials

Good services. Fair pricing.

Users are signing up daily, don’t miss out on reaching new customers.   The App-Blast alone is worth it!


Starter $365

/ Year

One Free App-Blast

One Coupon / Month

Unlimited Edits

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Pro $499.00

/ Year

One Free App-Blast

Five Coupons / Month

Unlimited Edits

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Is your businesses adopting a mobile-first mentality?

If not, consider this; smartphone users perform an activity on their phones upwards of 160 times per day.  Successful businesses are making the move now!  Here are the latest trends:

Mobile Marketing
Online Marketing
Conventional Marketing